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- Overview



     Our service area is throughout Asian regions.


     Though we always try our best to provide our most toward client diverse needs,

     we can narrow down to the three most significant services that we provide.

     Those are;

1. Chemical Products Transport for Singapore Inland Harbor and Intra-Asia

Providing chemical transportation for Singapore Inland Harbor is the point where we start expanding our business which always require us to be safe and deliver timely with flexibility in managing changes. We still believe that is the priority core fundamental in continuous expansion of our business.

2. Chemical Products Transport for South East Asia up to Far East Region

Providing Singapore Inland Harbor chemical transportation as the pivot leg, we further enhances to South East Asia, Far East Asia, up to North East Asia regions in our expansion of business.

3. Ship-management and Technical Service

Based on the ISM code with further enhancing with TMSA best practices, we have integrated them into our ship management system which are specially cater to serve our growing chemical trading market in Asian regions. Providing our customers hassle free, fast turnaround through constant monitoring by our experienced ship management seafarer staffs specialized in chemical tanker management and operations, timely inspection carry out by international inspection standard such as SIRE and CDI program and also others regulatory governing bodies secured the status of our fleet of vessels’ maintaining the hands on updating in our system to ensure our customer with our company philosophy of "Constant Care and Flawless Operation".