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- Founder


Mr. Takayuki Kondo




VLK Traders (S) Pte Ltd was established on September 23, 1989 with paid-up capital of S$25,000.00. Later in 1994, paid-up capital was increased to S$200,000.00, and again to S$3,500.000.00 in 2002.


Since establishment, VLK had operated number of tankers such as "WhiteCattleya"(1990-1992), "CraneStar"(1993), "Fuki"(1994-2002), "Yang Pu" (1996-1997), "Crane North" (1998-2003), "Petrolimex 02" (2002), "White Cattleya 09" (2002-2010), "White Cattleya 08" (2008-2010), "White Cattleya 10" (2003-2011), "Eagle Asia 05" (2012-2013), "Eagle Asia06" (2013) & "White Cattleya 11" (2003-2014).


And presently, VLK operates 9 chemical tankers which name of "White Cattleya 12", "Eagle Aisia 01", "Eagle Asia 02", "Eagle Asia 03", "Eagle Asia 07", "Eagle Asia 08", "Eagle Asia 09", "Eagle Asia 10", & "Eagle Asia 11".





When our founder Mr. Takayuki Kondo wrote "No loss should hit us, which could be avoided with constant care and flawless operation", he summarized in a few words one of the central themes of VLK business philosophy.


Living with the seas and respecting nature is ingrained in our culture and matches our quest for unvarying care and unblemished operation. This concept has a wide and deep meaning at VLK. "Constant care and Flawless operation" implies a burly dedication to promote the health and safety of our employees, others in the industry and in the world around us.





At VLK, we have always believed in the importance of protecting the environment. The concept of "invariable heed and flawless operation" is fundamental to our business philosophy and a guiding principle in our thinking and our actions. We go to great lengths in order to manage our global operations in the most responsible manner, especially with respect to the environment. We continuously strive to be an industry leader in this regard by initiating and implementing preventive measures, on land and in all our activities. Our environmental policy reflects this focus in our practices and procedures:


"VLK is committed to the protection and conservation of the environment and places high priority on environmental considerations in managing its business"





 To provide safe, efficient and responsible ship services to our customers by our employees and partners. At the same time, promote healthy living and maintain a safe, clean environment for the community through the values that guide us into becoming a socially responsible corporate citizen.




We shall fulfill our vision by:



  • Be diligent - in our work, prevent wastage and increase efficiency.
  • Be socially responsible - to our customers, colleagues and partners.
  • Be progressive - in learning and ready to innovate.
  • Be performance driven - yet safely and competitively meeting and exceeding customers' expectations.
  • Act in an ethical manner - in all of our undertakings.



Through the commitment and capability of our employees, we assure that we shall deliver services to the satisfaction of our customers.